You can make or change an appointment by telephoning the appointments line on 0191 5671035 or in person at the surgery from 8am, or via our website (see below for more details). You can book a routine appointment with a GP up to 7 days in advance. Late requests for emergency appointments will be triaged by either a GP or Nurse Practitioner.

Online booking

You can book and cancel your GP appointment online. Please leave your details at reception to arrange for an online registration form with a unique PIN number to enable you to access the online booking facility.

Our GP appointments are 10 minutes long, but you can ask for a longer one if you need to discuss several problems.  While it is good to get to know one doctor who knows your problems well it may not be possible to see them if their surgery is already full.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please tell us as soon as possible, so that someone else can have it. Persistently failing to attend appointments may result in removal from our practice list.

If an urgent problem arises late in the day contact the surgery straight away. A GP appointment or telephone advice consultation will be arranged if necessary. The doctor will need to know details like how long you have had your symptoms, what brings them on and any treatments you have tried yourself. Try to have these details clear in your head before you see the doctor.

If you think you will need to be examined you could remove outer clothing such as coats, jumpers or cardigans before seeing the doctor as this speeds things up. If a doctor needs to see you again they may release an appointment for you within the next month.

Remember if a surgery is running late this is usually because another patients appointment has overrun or an emergency has arisen.


Do you really need a face-to-face appointment?

If you have a non-urgent query regarding your health, medication, enquiring about blood or other test results or require a follow-up sicknote you can log onto our new online help tool. You will receive a response from a GP by the end of the next working day. You can indicate whether you require self help and may be directed to other healthcare bodies which may be more appropriate.

eConsult | Contact your doctor online

Telephone Consults

We now offer telephone consultations. These may save you a trip to the surgery if you need to get hold of test results or a sicknote. They are also useful if you need advice on a minor illness or about medications. Perhaps you just want to check if you need to see a doctor at all.

If you are unable to access eConsult and think a problem can be dealt with over the phone, please contact reception after 8.00 am. You must be prepared to wait by your phone around the time of your appointment.